*DEMO* Windsor VAC PAC 10 HEPA Backpack

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Item #: 10140140-d
Karcher Part Number: 1.014-014.0



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    **Replaced with the Karcher Vac Pac HEPA 10 qt. Back-Pack Vacuum**

    This light weight and powerful backpack vacuum allows operators to move quickly and easily which will increase productivity in your facility.

    To take full advantage of this productivity, we have fitted the Vac Pac HEPA with a lightweight, ergonomic backpack harness for hours of pain-free operation. The standard HEPA-level filter ensures that this vac is leaving the air in your facility clean and healthy.

    Clean quietly without worrying about being a noisy distraction. Operating at a mere 67 dBA, this powerful vacuum is quiet, making it perfect for daytime cleaning

    Attachments and Accessories:

    86286660 - Wand, 2 PC Aluminum Double Curve

    86198940 - Hose Assembly

    86392850 - HEPA pleated filter

    86198840 - Cloth bag for VAC PAC HEPA 10 / BV 11/1

    86198850 - 10-quart paper bags, 10-pack for BV 11/1

    86198910 - Paper bags for VAC PAC HEPA 6 / BV 7/1

    86198900 - Cloth bags for VAC PAC HEPA 6 / BV 7/1

    86198870 -Filter Dome

    86041410 - VAC PAC tool kit (#02293 crevice tool, #02083 dusting brush, #02084 upholstery tool, #02085 upholstery tool brush, #02086 extension tube)

    86284510 - Crevice Tool

    86000080 - 5" Upholstery Tool

    86283600 - Upholstery Brush

    86000070 - 3-inch dusting tool with adapter

    86284450 - Tool, Carpet

    86284440 - Tool, bristle shod dry pick-up

    86198760 - Crevice Tool

    86392850 - HEPA pleated filter for VAC PAC HEPA 6 & 10 and BV 11/1

    86312540 - Harness assembly for VAC PAC HEPA 6 & 10 and BV 11/1

    86429140 - 15" sidewinder carpet tool with 1.5" neck

    86429150 - 15" sidewinder hard floor brush with 1.5" neck

    86429160 - 18" sidewinder carpet tool with 1.5" neck


    • HEPA filtration is now standard, providing optimum air quality by filtering with 99.9% effectiveness to 0.3 microns,
    • Powerful 1.7 hp motor vacuums with authority
    • A kit of most-used vacuum tools comes standard with the machine 
    • The Vac Pac HEPA is constructed of tough molded polyethylene to ensure it can handle daily use Flexible
    • Vacuums hose is a top-mounted swivel design for left-hand and right-hand operation
    • The Vac Pac HEPA is available in six and ten quart capacities to accommodate different operators and job requirements


    • Light weight and comfortable harness system makes the job easier
    • Vacuum Power Switch is mounted on the hip within easy view and reach of the operator
    • Padded hip and shoulder harness increases vacuum operators comfort
    • Harness has a chest strap for better weight distribution and operator comfort
    • Powerful 1.7 hp motor vacuums with authority
    • Quiet vacuum operation is perfect for daytime cleaning