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Windsor Saber Cutter

Availability: Discontinued - Replacement Available notify me
Item #: 98401600
Karcher Part Number: 9.840-160.0

This machine has been discontinued. Please see the Karcher BD 80/100 Classic

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    This machine has been discontinued. 

    Please see the Karcher BD 80/100 Classic

    Windsor Saber Cutter by Karcher

    These scrubbers give the operator and the maintenance person performance and convenience features they need to get the job done faster. To help you choose the most productive walk-behind for your facility, the Saber Cutter can be tailored to meet a variety of cleaning needs. The Saber Cutter Series can be ordered with different cleaning widths, battery systems and solution tank capacities. The Saber Cutter comes standard with our water and chemical saving Aqua-Mizer system. By using cleaning solution more efficiently, the Aqua-Mizer extends the time between tank refills by up to 50%. The Aqua-Mizer is part of an advanced scrubbing and pickup system that make the Saber Cutter scrubbers the best value on the market for cleaning efficiency and safety.

    Simple daily maintenance or service operations increase productivity.

    Wide open, easy access to batteries for daily maintenance.

    The easily removed front panel provides total access to brush and vacuum motors. The no tool removal of the brush shrouds makes it simple to mount and remove brushes or pad drivers.

    • Convenient recovery tank clean-out
    • Brushes or pads can easily be accessed for replacement or clean-up
    • Saber Cutters feature an intuitive control panel with all operational functions within easy reach to reduce training times and increase operator productivity
    • The dramatic sloped design gives the operator the safety of an outstanding view of the work area
    • Convenient built-in accessory compartment for cleaning supplies, pads or brushes
    • Aqua-Mizer green cleaning extends scrubbing times between refills by using cleaning solution more efficiently
    • Keeps solution in the scrubbing area longer, allowing the flow to be set at the lowest level while still providing enough solution to do the cleaning job
    • Increases run-time productivity by up to 50% per tank fill up