Windsor Commodore DUO

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Karcher Part Number: 9.840-421.0
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    Please Call for Purchasing Inquiries 1-866-888-0128

    Windsor Commodore Duo by Karcher 

    With just the turn of a switch, easily change from extraction to interim cleaning. Make room for more storage by replacing two machines with one, or improve your cleaning process by adding productive interim cleaning to the mix. Interim cleaning extends the time between scheduled deep extractions and improves your carpets appearance. 

    Select Your Configuration:

    9.840-421.0 Commodore DUO, 36V 3x12 130 A/H batteries w/ 21A C50 automatic charger

    9.840-422.0 Commodore DUO, 36V 3x12 195 A/H batteries w/ 21A C50 automatic charger

    9.840-423.0 Commodore DUO, 36V 3x12 225 A/H batteries w/ 21A C50 automatic charger

    9.840-424.0 Commodore DUO, 36V 3x12 234 A/H AGM batteries w/ 21A dual mode automatic charger

    This machine operates at only 63 dBA which is perfect for daytime cleaning.  

    Five Ways to Use the Commodore DUO

    Encapsulation Extends time between deep extractions and reduces re-soiling

    Deep Extraction Deep, restorative cleaning

    Pre-spray and Rinse Cleaning of surface soiling and extraction of soil in carpet while leaving the carpet free of shampoo or detergent, reducing resoiling

    Pre-spray and Extraction Deep, restorative cleaning for very dirty carpet

    Rinse Only Surface cleaning of carpet and elimination detergent and soap build-up, brightening the carpet and reducing resoiling

    Several Uses for One Machine!

    • Extraction and interim cleaning in one machine
    • Change from interim to deep cleaning process at the turn of a switch - no mechanical changeover needed
    • With the interim method using the iCapsol encapsulating chemical, the carpet is dry and ready for traffic in approximately 20 minutes
    • iCapsol interim cleaning process extends the time between scheduled deep extractions.
    • Designed for maximum maneuverability
    • Intuitive Control Panel for ease of use and training
    • Built in storage prevents time-wasting trips back to the wet room
    • On-board accessory wand for detail work
    • Floating dual 20-inch counter-rotating brushes agitate and permeate the cleaners into both sides of the carpet nap for even, thorough cleaning. No operator adjustment needed.
    • Powerful dual overlapping vac shoes extract soil and solution fast and efficiently in the Deep Restorative mode; vacuum shoes are equipped with a glide strip to reduce surface friction

    iCapsol Interim cleaning process extends the time before re-soiling occurs and reduces wicking.