Karcher CVU 46/1 HEPA, 18 inch upright vacuum

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Item #: 10125920
Karcher Part Number: 1.012-592.0

Also known as the Sensor S2 HEPA. This quiet and lightweight vacuum is built for the rigors of hospitals, retail, hospitality, and building management services.

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    Karcher CVU 46/1 - 18 Inch Vacuum

    *Alternatively named Windsor Karcher Sensor S2 HEPA*

    The Karcher CVU 46/1 HEPA 18 Inch will change the way you think about vacuums. The 14-inch version has all the features and benefits of the 12 inch, with an extra width extension to reach under obstacles and cover more area. The Sensor S2 series from Windsor Karcher is the new workhorse in the commercial vacuum industry.

    The Karcher CVU 46/1 

    The Karcher CVU 46/1 is joining the market leaders in reliability and cleaning performance. HEPA final stage filtration comes standard on every machine for optimum indoor air quality. These quiet and lightweight vacuums are built for the performance needs of education, hospitality, senior living, and healthcare markets.

    HEPA final stage filtration

    • HEPA filter standard on every vacuum for better indoor air quality.
    • Dual-stage filtration provides cleaner air to the filter, extending the life up to 200-300 hours, saving you time and money.

    Best warranty in it's class

    • 3-year "bumper to handle" warranty, provides you the best protection the industry has to offer.


    • Tool-free power cord change.
    • All electronics located in the base of unit, eliminating wear on swivels and connectors, improving reliability and serviceability.


    • Bag-full and check brush indicators are mechanical for even greater reliability.

    Extremely Quiet

    • Daytime cleaning and operation in noise-sensitive areas possible with the low noise level of 67 dB(A).
    Karcher CVU 46/1 HEPA Technical Specs
    Dimensions (L x W x H) (in): 11 / 18 / 46
    Power Supply (Ph/V/Hz): 1 / 120 / 60
    Working Width (in): 18
    Quantity of Motors: 1
    Length of Cord Access. (ft): 40
    Operating Noise Level (dB(A)): 67
    Water lift (in): 90
    Air Flow (cfm): 105
    Amps (W): 1200
    Filter Bag Capacity (l): 5.3
    Ship Weight (with accessories) (lbs): 21
    Cleaning Rate (ft2/hr): 2,510
    Dust Bag: Triple Layer Filtration
    Brush Motor (hp): 1.6
    Brush Speed (rpm): 2,700
    Brush Contacts / Min. 5,400
    Full HEPA Filtration!

    (Precursor to the Karcher CVU 46/1)

    Attachments and Accessories:

    86319300 - Crevice tool

    86319290 - Upholstery tool

    86137690 - Extension hose

    86397560 - 40 foot yellow cord

    86284740 - Dusting brush kit, includes dusting brush and holding clip