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Industrial Degreaser 5 gallon

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Item #: DEG0640
Hardcore Labs Part Number: DEG0640

Hardcore Industrial Degreaser eliminates stubborn, caked on oil and grease with ease. 

Price: $80.00

    Hardcore Industrial Degreaser

    In your factory, automotive or machining shop, refinery, or hangar, the necessary greases, lubes, and oils inherent to your trade can turn quickly into a cleaning nightmare. Appearance, efficiency, and most importantly safety, are compromised when industrial grease, dirt, and oils build up. Walls, equipment, tools, and floors all require serious effort to keep clean in your demanding work environment. Hardcore is proud to introduce you to the most effective grease and oil removing product for your industrial workplace. Our space-age surfactant cuts, lifts, and encapsulates grease and oil like nothing you've used before. Make your workplace, shop, or garage the talk-of-the trade with Hardcore Industrial Degreaser.

    Sku #DEG0640

    Ideal application areas:
    * Aviation * Construction * Automotive * Industrial * Manufacturing * Refineries *


    • Water Based
    • PH Neutral
    • No Residue
    • Effective on the toughest messes; Layers of stubborn hard water, soap scum, grease, and more 
    • Compatible with virtually every scrubable surface
    • Biodegradable
    • Fragrance Free
    • Non Skin Sensitive
    • Non Carcinogenic
    • Unmatched Health and Environmental Safety

    Recommended Dilutions:

    Usage/Uso Light/Suave Normal Heavy/Fuerte
    Floor Cleaning 1 oz (1:128) 2 oz (1:64) 8 oz (1:16)
    Degreasing 6 oz (1:22) 12 oz (1:10) 32 oz (1:4)