Todo by Hardcore

A better heavy-duty cleaner. If you only have one weapon in your arsenal, make sure it's Todo.

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Todo Cleaner by Hardcore

*Available in galllon, 5 gallon, 15, 30, & 55 gallon drums, and 275 gallon tote. Call to order larger sizes*

A better heavy-duty cleaner. If you only have one weapon in your arsenal, make sure it's Todo.
  • Fresh Citrus Aroma
  • Powerful Concentrate

Todo Heavy Duty Cleaner was made for real cleaning pros. This cutting-edge cleaner/degreaser has the muscle to power through tough, dirty jobs without the caustic hazard of most industrial cleaning products. Todo is highly concentrated for maximum dilution options. A lot of products say they’re all purpose but Todo can prove it! We’ve tested in virtually every cleaning environment for safety and effectiveness. Todo literally means “everything,” because that’s what you’ll use it for. Restrooms, kitchens, floors, plastics, painted surfaces, metal, stone, you name it; Todo will clean it. Don’t settle for outdated chemical technology and products that are little more than colored and scented water. Take the Todo cleaning challenge: Todo will beat those pretty, frilly, purple, lavender cleaners in every way possible- We guarantee it!

Recommended Dilutions:
Spray Bottle 4 oz (1:32) 8 oz (1:16) 32 oz (1:4)
Bucket/Auto Scrubber 2 oz (1:64) 4 oz (1:32) 10 oz (1:10)

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