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IK Foam Sprayer

IK Foam Sprayer generates long lasting and dry foam.

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IK Foam Sprayer generates long lasting and dry foam.  Excellent for cleaning and disinfectin multiple surfaces. Easily clean of vehicles, upholstery, rugs, carpet and more. 

  • All plastic parts and washers
  • Resistant to most acids and solvents.
  • 4 bar safety valve with depressurization option. 
  • Strong translucent tank with level indicator.
  • Funnel incorporated into tank. 
  • Metal lever on trigger release valve.
  • Filter in the lance.
  • Base of tank can be used to wind the hoseround it for storage.
  • 50 cm extension lance available as an accessory.
  • Handle and straps for convenient over shoulder carrying.
  • Special “foam” even fan type nozzle.
  • Comes with three (3) Color-Coded Mixer Adaptors. Orange to create very wet foam, Green to create very dry foam and Grey that creates standard foam.

IK Foam sprayer in use

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