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B 60/10 eco 24" AutoMop (Productivity Model)

Motorless Hard Floor Cleaning Machine. Productivity kit: includes 1 hook, mop tray, wringer

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B 60/10 eco 24" AutoMop

Motorless Hard Floor Cleaning Machine

The B 60/10 eco 24" AutoMop combines the best features of a mop with the best features of an autoscrubber to make a new category of cleaning equipment.Karcher recognized a need for a cleaning solution between a mop & bucket and an autoscrubber in function, capability and price. It is important to recognize that innovative solutions do not need to rely heavily on technology but that innovation can be found in creative ways of applying tried and true systems. As an important part of Karcher’s PDIR program, the B 60/10 eco 24" AutoMop is a Daily & Interim hard floor solution. The B 60/10 eco 24" AutoMop is not designed to replace the mop and bucket nor an was created to fill a need in between. Additionally, where autoscrubbers are in use the B 60/10 eco 24" AutoMop can fill a need for effective and safe cleaning between regular scrubbing.

The B 60/10 eco 24" AutoMop applies solution and recovers it all via a manual pump. This means no batteries or power source is needed, making this a true green solution!


  • Leaves floor dry
  • Reduces slip-n-falls
  • ”Ergo-mopping” eliminates swinging & wringing
  • Fewer injuries


Hygienic / Green

  • Clean with clean water vs. spreading dirty water
  • Quiet <52 dBA
  • Daytime cleaning


  • 5x the cleaning rate of a mop in open areas
  • Add on tools provide ability to clean in small/tight areas
  • Greater productivity than a 20"" pad assist autoscrubber


  • Simple to operate & push
  • Maintenance free: no batteries, no cords, machine is always available
  • Footprint similar to a mop & bucket

B 60/10 eco 24" AutoMop Base Model: 1.006-701.0
B 60/10 eco 24" AutoMop Hygiene Model: 1.006-706.0
B 60/10 eco 24" AutoMop Productivity Model: 1.006-707.0
B 60/10 eco 24" AutoMop Detail Model: 1.006-708.0

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