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Doodle Scrub EBG-9

The Doodle Scrub is perfect for cleaning and preparing floors around toilets, bathroom stalls and similar tight spaces where larger machines can't reach. The Doodle Scrub is also great for cleaning stairs, VCT, tile & grout, rubberized flooring, and much,

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The EBG-9 Doodle Scrub is a perfect companion to all off the Square Scrub EBG series line of floor preparation machines. The Doodle features a powerful high speed 4100 rpm (20% more rpms than the EBG-30/C's 3450 rpm), 1/4 hp motor that pulls just 1.1 amps (won't blow your breaker) and a fixed weight of 22.2 lbs. This is the same pounds per square inch as the EBG-20/C. In addition, the Doodle Scrub has a 30 ft, 18 gauge standard power cord. This machine has a 2-position clip on the handle it can attach on the side to clean securely along the edges or the short edge for a mop-like movement.

The Doodle Scrub EBG-9 by Square Scrub is their most compact machine. Just because it’s small doesn't mean it isn't powerful. The Doodle Scrub packs just as much punch as their bigger EBG machines, but with a small exception - The Doodle Scrub goes where the big machines cannot. At 22 pounds, the Doodle Scrub delivers nearly the same pounds per square inch as the EBG-20/C.

The Doodle Scrub was created and designed specifically for those out of reach areas that the bigger Square Scrub machines can't reach. Square Scrub's NEW patent pending EBG-9 handle innovation gives you not just ONE but TWO ways to attach the handle to the base, giving this machine and its user maximum VERSATILITY.

Machine Specs EBG-9
UL/CSA/CE Certified Yes
Base Weight w/o Weights 23 bs
Total Assembled Weights 23 lbs
Maximum Weight Capacity 23 lbs
Powder Coated Steel Frame 10 gauge
Stainless Steel Base N/A
3/4" Solid Steel Axle N/A
Adjustable Handle Yes
6"x2" Non-Marking Wheels N/A
Motor 4100.33 hp
Operating Sound Output 50 db
Power Cord 30ft/18gauge
Lighted Plug N/A
Amp Draw 1.2 amps
Pad Size 5.25x10.5
Number of Isolators 4
Oscillations 4100/minute
Removable Weights N/A
Slotted Weights N/A
Vibration Reducing Handle N/A
Noise Reducing Weight Spacers N/A
Stone Care Capable Yes
Carpet & Rug Institute Certified N/A
Dust Containment Kit N/A
Built-in Hour Meter N/A
Two-Piece Handle N/A

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