Windsor Chariot 2 IScrub 20 Deluxe -- With Orb Technology

The Chariot 2 iScrub 20 Deluxe with orb technology, stand-on auto scrubber, 50 percent more productive, more maneuverable and easier to use than any other 20 inch scrubber. Please call to order.

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Chariot 2 iScrub Parts Diagram

Windsor Chariot 2 iScrub 20 Deluxe with Orb Technology

Put to work the productivity gains of our time-saving Chariot platform combined with our superior ORB cleaning technology. This scrubber is the ultimate solution for top-scrubbing and chemical-free finish removal of floors. It provides green cleaning by using less chemicals, water, energy and labor as well as best in class scrubbing results due to our dual-motion of our ORB technology. Unlike traditional machines, the Chariot with ORB generates thousands of 3/8 inch orbit contact points that spin at 1725 revolutions per minute, while at the same time it spins within an 80 rpm rotational movement. These thousands of orbital drive contact points provide the highest level of mechanical action on the market.

Superior Orbital Mechanics

• True orbital mechanics provide the most efficient scrub possible 

• Highly productive with “best in class” cleaning results—dual orbital motion provides superior performance over spinning disk.

• Chemical free coating removal from VCT, concrete and soft stone.

• A productive solution for top scrubbing and recoating floors, allowing for this to be a one person job

• Green cleaning—using less chemicals, water, energy and labor.


chariot 2 iscrub deluxe with orb tech


• Designed with our Chariot patented stand-on cleaning technology that significantly increases productivity and cleaning quality. 

• On-board charger allows for charging whenever and wherever it’s needed

• Available with a time-saving optional chemical metering system


Easy to use

• Design and size that provides remarkable maneuverability, and best-in-industry 360º visibility that allows the operator to see more of the cleaning area 

• Intuitive control panel with two transport speeds and two operating speeds, and an easy-to-clean, fully accessible hygienic recovery tank 

• Quiet operation for daytime cleaning 

• Hygienic tank design Easy to clean tank design ensures that everyone will be safe and healthy


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