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Karcher BD 38/12 C Bp

Lightweight, quiet and agile: the BD 38/12 C Bp compact scrubber drier with disc head is fitted with a fast rechargeable, high-performance lithium-ion battery and eco!efficiency mode.

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Technical data

Brush working width 15
Vacuum working width 18.9
Fresh / waste water tank (gal) 3.2 / 3.2
Brush speed (rpm) 180
Brush contact pressure (lbs) 35 / 46
Ship Weight (with accessories) (lbs) 79.4
Dimensions (L x W x H) 38.6 x 20 x 51.7

Highly maneuverable, user-friendly and easy-to-maintain, the BD 38/12 C Bp scrubber drier is a high efficient tool for cleaning small areas and cluttered surfaces. The machine is equipped with a 15-inch disc brush. The lithium-ion battery provides longer run times, three times that of conventional lead batteries. The battery is completely maintenance-free and quick to recharge. The eco!efficiency mode reduces energy consumption, increases the run time and lowers the noise level by around 40%. The BD 38/12 C, is 35% lighter than the other machines in it’s class, helping you to negotiate steps and transporting.

Steer your way to cleaner floors.

Think of the BD 38/12 as a 15 inch disc version of the popular BR 35/12. The design allows for the easiest driving of a walk-behind disk scrubber on the market. The squeegee follows behind the disc to ensure 100% solution pickup even through the corners.

Steerable, innovative disc scrubber
? Extremely agile for efficient cleaning of small and very furnished areas.
? Easy to use—scrub right up to the wall

Ready for day time cleaning
? Application also in noise sensitive areas possible due of significantly
reduced noise level.

Real world practicality
? Quick charging lithium-ion battery has a longer lifetime than normal
? Very compact, light and easy to transport and roll over steps.

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