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Windsor Chariot 3 CV 86

Windsor Chariot 3 CV 86 34" Stand-On Commercial Vacuum for Hard and Soft Floors. Please call to Order

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Windsor Chariot 3 CV 86

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34" Stand-On Commercial Vacuum for Hard and Soft Floors

Stand-Up for Clean with the Chariot 3 CV 86/1 RS Bp. Trust this next-generation stand-on vacuum to cover large areas quickly, effectively and ergonomically to improve your facility's appearance and indoor air quality. This high performance, multi-surface cleaning HEPA stand-on commercial vacuum is designed for increased productivity and maneuverability on hard and soft floors. In applications where a sweeper, wide-area vacuum or dust mop can be used, the Chariot 3 vacuum series is all you need. 

Vacuum Performance

Vacuums carpet, tile, wood, concrete, stone, rubber and VCT.
HEPA filtration standard for indoor air quality.
34" cleaning path maximizes productivity.
Universal counter-rotating brushes for use on all floor surfaces.
Large debris caught in hopper, preventing clogs.
Short overall length allows for ultra-tight turning radius.

Chariot Advantage

Productive stand-on design allows you to get more done with the same size staff.
Reduced operator fatigue means increased productivity.
Design and size that provides remarkable maneuverability, and best-in-industry 360º visibility.
Fits easily through a standard door and into any elevator.
Optional battery exchange package increases productivity and decreases down-time.
Get a quick return on your investment with prices comparable to other similar sized machines.
A step ahead of the competition, we developed the Chariot line as the first stand-on cleaning machine over 10 years ago and have continually refined and expanded our offering. No other manufacturer’s offering can compete.
Comes standard with Kärcher Fleet for complete visibility of machine health, location and utilization.

Real World Usability

Quiet 66 dBA in EcoMode allows for daytime cleaning.
Simple, intuitive control panel reduces training time.
No tool removal of brushes, vacuum shoes and debris bin for ease of daily maintenance.
EcoMode optimizes productivity by lengthening run times between recharging.
Robust drive motor for performance on thick carpet and ramps.
On-board charger available with AGM or wet-cell batteries.
Indicator light alerts the operator to change the bag.

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