iK Alkaline 9 Sprayer

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Item #: 83811916
Goizper Spraying North America Part Number: 83811916
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    IK Alkaline 9 Sprayer compatible with most chemicals used in professional disinfection, cleaning, and hard to remove substances.

    Works great with alkaline, acetone, and alcohol based substances.

    • Well suited for food industry, disinfecting and cleaning
    • Can be used to remove mineral, vegetable, & animal fats.
    • Also helpful in removing proteins, eggs, lubricants, and blood
    • Seals, materials and hose resistant to alkaline substances, alcohols and acetones.
    • Safety valve at 3 bar with depressurization option.
    • Translucent tank with level indicator.
    • Funnel built into the tank.
    • Metal handle for opening and closing.
    • Filter in the lance.
    • Hose roller.
    • Possible adaptation of 50 cm extension.
    • Strap for carrying across the back.
    • Kit of two adjustable nozzles and elbow with spare fan nozzle.