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AVENTURIER Part Number: 33010000123
The Aventurier Artist 1 PRO is the next level in compact cleaning. This upright automatic floor scrubber features  a fully articulating, 360-degree scrub head and class-leading features. With added sterilization and auto modes, the Artist 1 PRO beats the competition hands-down! Key features include:

- Auto & Sanitizing cleaning modes for complete facility care.
- 2 x 24V/13 Ah Lithium-Ion batteries + Blank (for continuous use).
- Active feedback and location services (WiFi & 4G).

Price: $3,990.00

    Introducing the Aventurier Artist 1 PRO takes cleaning to the next level.

    Ditch that nasty mop- For good.

    As we all know, mopping isn't really cleaning. You're simply spreading soil over a large area, making it look as though you've cleaned. That is, until over time the layers of left-behind soil becomes an eyesore. Don't put off the inevitable! get your floors truly clean. The Artist 1 does the work of a full-size auto scrubber in a compact, easy-to-use platform.

    Traditional auto scrubbers are often limited in their ability to clean corners, edges, and around obstacles. That's where the Artist 1 shines brightest. Its true 360-degree operation allows the Artist 1 to clean better in virtually any environment, no matter how challenging the cleaning task. As we all know, mops do little more than smear dirt over a large area. The Artist 1 saves time, water, and leaves floors cleaner than mops. Don't sacrifice agility. The Artist 1 goes everywhere a mop goes, with superior cleaning results.

    True 360-degree operation allows the Artist 1 to clean better in virtually any environment, no matter how challenging the cleaning task. Take cleaning to the next level and ditch the mop. Most scrubbers can't clean below tables, shelves, or drinking fountains. The Artist 1 goes where others won't.
    Simple user controls allow for easy operation and training. The Artist 1 has more features with less confusion than competitors.

    Artist 1 PRO features multiple cleaning modes; including eco-mode and brush-only operation for adaptive cleaning capabilities in light soil and extreme soil environments.

    In brush-only mode, the squeegee is lifted allowing for a true "double scrub." This combined with 22kg of pressure and interchangeable brushes or pads, and 350 rpm brush motors makes the Artist 1 PRO capable of tackling even the most difficult cleaning tasks.

    The PRO model features two additional cleaning modes. Auto mode monitors the conditions and adjusts water output, brush, and vacuum intensity. This saves battery life and trips to the water closet. Sterilization mode hydrolyzes clean water giving it that knockout punch. Perfect for healthcare, education, and food prep areas, the Artist 1 PRO helps keep floors clean and sanitized like no mop can.

    No scrubber in it's class features the prolonged run-time capability of the Artist 1. With high-quality lithium-ion batteries and a rapid charging dock, the Artist 1 offers uninterrupted cleaning for maximum productivity.

    Able to operate on just one battery, this compact scrubber offers unmatched productivity.

    Easily removable, symmetrical battery packs allow the operator to seamlessly clean an entire facility.

    Convenient carry handles prevent accidental drops and keep batteries clean and dry. 

    The Artist 1 SE comes standard with red, daily scrubbing brushes.
    A variety of brushes are available for any level of scrubbing intensity.

    Pad drivers are also included (Pro Model) for even more cleaning adaptability. Quickly change pads for varying flooring types/conditions.

    Machine Specifications

    Cleaning efficiency (sq ft/hour)
    Overall Dimensions (LWH in inches)17.5 x 17.25 x 46
    Weight (lbs)48.5
    Cleaning Path (width in inches)16
    Brush pressure to the ground (lbs)48.5
    Brush Speed (rpm)350
    Brush Motor Power250 W
    Suction Motor Power150 W
    Clean Water Tank Capacity (L/gal)4/1.06
    Dirty Water Tank Capacity (L/gal)4/1.06
    Battery (Each)13 Ah (2 included)
    Usage Time (Max per battery)150 min
    Noise Level (dB(A)60
    ConnectivityWiFi / 4G (Pro Model)
    Display Screen4.1 inch Hi-def
    Warranty (machine*/battery)12 months*/ 24 months

    * wear-items such as brushes, squeegees, & hoses not included.